Palmas & Jazz is a duet that was born from the encounter and friendship between a jazz guitarist (Carles GR) and a flamenco guitarist (Pablo Gibaux). "En busca del duende,” fusion of flamenco and jazz, this is their first record together.

    With the exception of their interpretation of jazz standard, "A Night in Tunisia", all the other titles are original compositions.


    From the fortuitous encounter of the French bass player Pierre Boussaguet and the Catalan guitarist Carles GR, the album « Reflejos »was born, twelve original compositions written for this album by both musicians.

    For « Reflejos », Pierre Boussaget and Carles GR, unlike other duets (double bass – guitar), offer us a dialogue without equal between the two instruments where the main objective is the "Melody" ahead of the technical aspect of their respective instruments, obtaining a degree of lyricism rarely achieved in this type of musical group.

    « Reflejos »transports us to different universes, colors and musical styles such as Bossa Nova, Pop or Flamenco, keeping as a common thread the Jazz, style from which these two musicians come.

    In this way, REFLEJOS becomes a sound trip where the audience is seduced by the Swing's essence, with an intimate and delicate sound where double bass and guitar dialogue in an authentic game of « Reflejos. »

  • DUET

    This time, Aude Lhotelais and Carles GR invite us to a trip to the bossa nova and swing rhythms. We can find an eclectic repertoire arranged for the duet that shows the big jazz standards, French  and pop songs. Aude Lhotelais: vocals and soprano sax, Carles GR: guitars, Pierre Boussaguet: contrabass


    Exceptional concert with exceptional musicians, on a night where the public in Louviers participated in the recording of this DVD / CD in the legendary room "Moulin" Austin O'Brien: vocals, Ignassi Terrace piano, Carles GR guitars, Pierre Boussaguet: bass, André Ceccarelli: drums.


    Here you can find a homage to this American saxophonist who has marked a whole period of jazz music from the 70’s to the 2000’s. The songs compiled in this album are standards and compositions performed by Michael Brecker. Charles GR and Philippe Petit wrote two songs each for this recording. The quartet consists of: Carles GR: guitars Sylvain Sourdeix: tenor sax and soprano Philippe Petit : Hammond organ Philippe Combelle: drums


    Carles GR writes and arranges all the songs as a tribute to Fontaine’s,  Samaniego’s and Aesop’s fables. On this particular occasion, Carles GR invites three pianists and a singer: Carles GR: guitars Florence Antraygues: vocals Denis Uhalde, Albert Bover y Albert Freixenet: piano Denis Rezard: contrabass and acustic bass Massimo Trasente: drums


    It’s an album devoted to the five senses where we can find two songs per sense, all of them written and arranged by Carles GR. The quartet consists of: Carles GR: guitars Denis Uhalde: piano Denis Rezard: contrabass and acustic bass Massimo Trasente: drums