Nathalie Schmitt Quartet

Nathalie Schmitt Quartet

THE NATHALIE SCHMITT QUARTET is formed around the singer Nathalie Schmitt like a meeting of desires and energies which express them self through the compositions of its guitarist and arranger Carles GR and trough standards of jazz but also pop or rock tunes often adapted to the style, emotions and colors of the quartet.

NATHALIE SCHMITT sings the jazz as much as the rock or the blues; the width and expressivity of her voice carries the adhesion of the public and her musicians, her singing does not leave indifferent.

The guitarist composer and arranger CARLES GR. plays of his talent and his experiment to carry the music on his best level of quality and emotions .The rhythmic is an alloy between the swinging double bass of BRUNO RAFFIN and the flexible and inventive percussions of GUILLEM MATEU.

The music of THE NATHALIE SCHMITT QUARTET is mainly jazz, but also pop, variety .It is jazz, but it is also sometimes Jazz ’N Roll or Jazz 'N Pop.

The voice of NATHALIE SCHMITT is the element founder of the Quartet. Her three companions bring their colors and contribute to the character and emotional impact of this formation.