From the fortuitous encounter of the French bass player Pierre Boussaguet and the Catalan guitarist Carles GR, the album « Reflejos »was born, twelve original compositions written for this album by both musicians.

For « Reflejos », Pierre Boussaget and Carles GR, unlike other duets (double bass – guitar), offer us a dialogue without equal between the two instruments where the main objective is the "Melody" ahead of the technical aspect of their respective instruments, obtaining a degree of lyricism rarely achieved in this type of musical group.

« Reflejos »transports us to different universes, colors and musical styles such as Bossa Nova, Pop or Flamenco, keeping as a common thread the Jazz, style from which these two musicians come.

In this way, REFLEJOS becomes a sound trip where the audience is seduced by the Swing's essence, with an intimate and delicate sound where double bass and guitar dialogue in an authentic game of « Reflejos. »