Pierre Boussaguet & Carles GR

Carles GR records his first album in “The city of light”, Paris… That’s how this guitar player makes us appreciate his extraordinarily silky way of playing the guitar.

In “Reflejos”, Carles GR, together with the French double bass player, Pierre Boussaguet, shows us sweet velvety spaces. His gentleness when he strokes the strings can be clearly seen in “Always with you”.

The sweetness of this duo is gently spread like some cream on a top model’s skin. The cream turns into honey and the top model becomes a flower when those two musicians play together in a sharp way.

Carles’ Spanish rotes come to the surface in “Martin du Sud”.

When Pierre Boussaguet and Carles GR walk on musical paths, it’s too late to come back and try to discover the hidden melodies previously shown… we can only let ourselves be carried away of the aroma of “Perfumes de Ipanema” or accept it all and be engulfed by this virtuosity.

*Text inspired and translated into English by Arte&Art written by the editor of “Jazz Hot” magazine: Michel Maestracci.